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A quick guide to Top Hungary coworking spaces (Part 1)

September 4, 2018
Hungary Coworking Spaces

It’s no secret anymore. I have a weak spot for Budapest, and I’m openly and positively biased about Hungary. My love for Budapest dates back to 2002 when I had my first taste of Sziget Festival. Since then, I’ve visited Budapest maybe 30 times – I’ve built so many memories, made great friends, returned to Sziget Festival 5 times, and I’ve even made an effort to learn a bit of Hungarian. So, now it was the time for Hungary coworking spaces!

But the reason why we had chosen Budapest as one of the first 4 cities-to-launch for Cowork7/24 had nothing to do with this love. Budapest has an amazing coworking scene, with so many new players coming onboard recently. They are following the city’s locomotives L’Office, Kaptar, Impact Hub and Mosaik. The coworking scene in Budapest is a very promising one with around 30 coworking spaces of all sizes and sorts, most of which opened in the last  year. Additionally, we’ve been hearing very positive sounds about the small “vidéki” (read: hungarian countryside) coworking spaces. That meant a coworking roadtrip across Hungary was necessary, and I didn’t mind  ; )

After the big Bulgaria coworking spaces roadtrip early August, this was relatively easier to plan as we were more experienced this time. Purely for logistical and timing reasons, we kept it to central and west Hungary, and had to leave out Debrecen, Nyíregyháza in the east, and Győr in north-west to a future trip.


Arriving in Budapest

We arrived in Budapest straight from the Freedom X Fest (read about it here) with only a short but great coworking space tour break in Barcelona (we’ll write about it too! Stay tuned!). The day was long, really long, as we could make it to our accomodation in Budapest only around 1:30 am. Just 6 hours later, we woke up to a beautiful and sunny Budapest morning,  We had only one day in Budapest before we hit the road for our Hungarian coworking spaces roadtrip. Therefore, on that Wednesday, the plan was to visit both a few of our “good old friends” and a few newcomers in Budapest. We knew it would be doable given the size of Budapest, and the convenience of local transportation.



Muse was first on our list. A new coworking space in the city, close to the Nyugati train station. It is located in a beautifully designed old flat where Daniel, the founder, has handmade all design and fittings. It may look small, but it has everything you need – hot desk, fixed desk, event space, rearranging rooms, kitchen and a massage chair giving you that feeling of absolute comfort, and a feel for home. It’s an absolute must for the creative minds and hands.

Check out a few pictures we posted on Instagram.

Muse Coworking Space in central Budapest



KAPTÁR was founded in 2012, and has been one of our early partners in Budapest since we launched Cowork7/24. Kaptar is a community of independent professionals, teams, freelancers and digital nomads in the heart of Budapest, close to everything and everyone. The major city attractions like the St. Istvan Basilica or the Parliament are just few minutes walk away, as well as the City Opera and the famous Andrassy street.

Kaptar offers a busy community office, event space, and official seat for growing companies and organizations – or, rather, a prestigious downtown base for them – meeting space, coaching and off-site place – all in one. Forbes describes Kaptar as “KAPTÁR is not only a common workplace, it a real community-forming platform.”

Check-out some pictures we posted on Instagram, and book Kaptar through our Cowork7/24 app (iOS or Android) next time you are in Budapest.

Kaptar Coworking

Kaptar coworking space in Budapest

Kaptar Coworking


Komodor is a great little coworking space in the heart of Budapest, offering a total of just 18 desks. Given their internal design though, it’s one of the small gems in town with an affordable price, and a care for the environment.

The owner Ivan was a freelancer himself, when he decided to open his own space 2 years after a hectic search for an office for himself without success. Komodor coworking space is a great place for those who want to work in a quiet, family-like comfy environment.

Check out a few pictures we posted on Instagram

Komodor Coworking Space

Komodor Coworking Space


Impact Hub

I personally had to skip Impact Hub due to other work arrangements, but Zeynep kindly took on the duty. Impact Hub Budapest, being located in a Royal Mansion on Ferenciek Tere 2, an amazingly beautiful building, is the local home of changemakers, and a community of like-minded people. They are offering inspiring events, various coworking areas, meeting rooms and event rooms.

As is the case with many coworking spaces we have seen, finding the entrance may be a bit challenging for the novice, but don’t give up. It will be worth it! Look for the Impact Hub sign, ring the main door of the building (Bell 60) and follow the beautiful stairs to the first floor.

Impact Hub Budapest, the reception area

The story and history of the Royal Mansion, Impact Hub Budapest



Loffice Budapest was the first coworking space I had ever been to, thanks to a sharing economy event 5 years ago, thus it has a special place in my heart. It may very well be where the coworking bug has bit me and got me addicted for the rest of my life. Long story short, they are the pioneers of the coworking model in Budapest since 2009, located in the former printingh house of the Music Academy. Since then, they have been a key hub in the Hungarian creative and startup scene, and have grown to a total of 4 offices, 3  in Budapest and 1 in Vienna, Austria and a summer workstation in Balatonföldvár. That last one was actually on our list to visit during this trip, but we had to change plans last minute. We’ll leave it to next summer!


L’office chill-out area


Next day, we continued with the rest of our roadtrip to visit the rural coworking spaces in Szeged, Pecs, Szekesfehervar and Gardony. Here’s the Part 2 of our blog.

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