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Top Romania Coworking Spaces (Part 2)

October 15, 2018

Here’s the link to Part 1 of our big roadtrip to Coworking Spaces in Romania, where we had been to Bucharest, Brasov and Sfantu Gheorge Coworking Spaces.

Now we continue with Day 3, discovering the Coworking Spaces in Cluj.

The road from Sfantu Gheorge to Cluj-Napoca was long, really long for us. However, stopping on the way in the beautiful town of Sighishoara for a lunch and a stroll in this medieval city made it easier. 



In Cluj

We started the day early as we had 3 confirmed coworking spaces to visit, and maybe one more for the day before our planned departure to Oradea. 


9101: -You can just start with like your name, what you do.


-With that one and then we can move to the questions.

+So, you will not make me the question just…

-I will remind you the question.


-And so we can start with your name.


-Yes, I’m ready.

+Hello. My name is Diana. And I’m a producter at … space … which is a coworking space from here.

-Okay. That was very good. Now, the next quesiton is what is the story of the coworking space?

+So, the owner of this coworking space is Lisa. She’s from America. And she created this space because she wanted to create a community. She worked before with some guys from … and she really enjoyed so that’s the story of this space.

-So, she lives full time in US?

+She lives full time in US  but she comes here 2 or 3 times a year.

-What does she normally do?

+She does a lot of things. She has 2 startups right now. She was working for a company with some of the guys that are here now, they’re working here for … team. Because we have also part of… Sorry.

-No, no problem. We will edit it don’t worry.

+Okay, so…

-You can always start again.

+We have also the … team which Works on projects, on IT projects, finds projects for the guys.

-And when did you open?

+We officially opened last year in July. So in last year, 2017.

-2017. Okay, so… What was the question? Okay, so you opened 2017 and you said it you just strted promoting?

+But we start promoting only a few months ago because the owners were involved in other businesses so basically we were lucky that this space is so, so good that it sells by itself because people, they hear from us by their friends, on Facebook, they found on Facebook, tey just pass by and see the outside that we are coworking and they enter and they are like, ‘’Oh, you have really nice space here. I will come again.’’ So…

-Okay, very good. The next question would be who comes here normally? Who is your community?

+So, basically we are a space for developers. But we also have, we have freelancers, remote workers, self-employees, startups but we also have a little part of people that don’t work in development or like PRs, we had the copywriter ones but basically the most them are developers.

-Okay, it’s very good. The next question would be can you give us 3 reasons why people should come to yur coworking space?

+People should come to our coworking space because the community, the people that work from here, that are really great and when you start working here you really feel like a part of a community and they say tey are more productive when they work from here. Also, here we have always a … here that will help you with everything you need and that makes sure that the space looks nice. So, also another reason ist hat here you will not find only a place or a desk for you to work but we have also areas for you to relax and to communicate with the others.

-Very good. Thank you very much.

+You’re welcome. Was my pleasure.


Cluj Coworking, Cluj, Romania

9141: -However you feel comfortable. So, I’ll just do like a raw video and then we will do the editing. Maybe yu can start with like your name and what you do. And then I will also remind you the questions later.


-You can start anytime.

+Okay, I’m Daniel. I’m the communşty manager of … work. Last year we … first working space here on … We started in December 2011. Actually … the first company here. They had a lot of friends … space. And te last, I don’t know 7 years we grow and we started to have more people … and in first we had 80 guys now we have … bureau and construction bureau and we have … from Germany, United States of England and France. Actually for all over the place and I don’t know, why to come here.

-So you already answered the 2 questions together. That’s fine. How many seats do you have here?

+Around 30 places, 30 spots.

-And what kind of memberships do you offer?

+We have a membership for 1 day, 1 week or a month.

-I see. Can you give us 3 reasons why people should be coming to … work?

+We’re not the classic coworking space like a cooperate space. We have a historicak building from 1895 so everything makes noises but you have large rooms with good history and you can be productive and happy. And also … the heart of Translyvania and you have lots of festivals and is a big … community with a lot of companies ready to invest here and already investing … and project.

-Okay, thank you so much. Thank you Daniel.





Cluj Hub, Cluj, Romania

164: -That’s very good. So you can maybe start with like your name and what you do.

+Okay, hello I’m Adele. I’m the community manager here in Clujhub in Cluj … Romania.

-Good. So what is the story of Clujhub?

+It’s actually a long story that started about 6 years ago but it’s developing and growing every year. I think it’s all about the communities that creative, that … communities that are growing here in Cluj that are developin and starting to learn to work together. I think that would be the short version of it.

-I see. And how many seats do you have? How many members do you have?

+At the moment we have more seating but we have about up to 200 members at this time. A lot of nice people.

-And who usually comes to here? What is the profile of your community?

+Here in Cluj I think I would have to say that there is a big community of tech and IT, artificial intelligents kind of communities but on the side there is the creative, the marketing community that is developing.

-Good. Last but not least, so, can you give us like 3 reasons why people should be coming to Clujhub?

+Okay. I think I can give you more. But 3, I think it’s the large community we have here as I said we have many people coming here everyday. Interesting people that you can learn many many things about and then I think it’s the diversity. We have different different kind of businesses or enterpreneurs or freelancers coming here and sometimes it’s pretty shocking to see from what fields they come from but still they have the same enterpreneur vision so they can always work together. And the 3rd, I think it would be the location of the place that it’s really in the center of this really nice city and still when you wanna take a break and you wanna take a walk and you can always visit downtown, go to restaurants, events going on here or outside the hub.

-Thank you Diana.

+Thank you.


Coworking Space in Bucharest

Commons Lounge Coworking Space Bucharest


Skipping Oradea

The day was indeed packed. We have been impressed once more by the uniqueness of coworking spaces in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and the conversations took longer than we initially had planned for (and nicely so!) so we had to make an impromptu decision to unfortunately skip Oradea and head to Timisioara the next day. 

Coworking Timisioara

We’ve also visited their 2nd location, Commons Romana, where they are providing private offices and fixed desks mostly to start-up teams, at “Strada Nicolae Iorga 5”, where Laura and David Canta explained about their exciting plans to grow further in Europe. In this nicely decorated, upscale office, they are hosting around 50 coworkers from various companies and start-ups in Bucharest and not only.

Coworking Space in Budapest

Commons Romana Coworking Space, chill-out area and lockers


V7 Startup Studio

V7 Studio aspires to start as a coworking space, opening Oct 1st, 2018 and grow into an incubator. Founded by the founders of 7 Card, the aggregator for gyms in Romania, V7 Studio would like to be the coworking space for start-ups to come, to build their network and get help, or even investment, to grow, explained to us Andrei, the Community Manager. We got the chance to have a quick sneak peek and I have to admit the place is going to be as unique as the building it will be in.

They are also building a Wine bar at the entrance, in order to promote a start-up their founders already have invested into.

We are looking forward to hearing more of their opening, and paying them a house-warming visit.

V7 Coworking Space in the making



The road to Cluj-Napoca was long, and the week was still young. Stay tuned for the second part of our roadtrip, where we visited the coworking spaces in Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara.


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