Why You Should Attend THE Coworking Unconference in Bansko
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Why Attend a Coworking Unconference in Bansko

October 5, 2018

Why You Should Attend a Coworking Unconference, and Why in Bansko?


Most conferences follow the same schema: Many inspiring speakers on the stage, and a lot of people in the audience listening to stories and advice that all sound a little bit too easy and removed from daily business challenges. Often there may be sponsors that pay to speak and try to sell you something. Still everyone takes a lot of notes and wonders after going home: “Was this was really worth the conference tickets and travel hassle?”


Unconferencing, what is that?

However, it doesn’t need to be that way. We have the unconference concept: Everyone is an expert and has some learning to share. And everyone has questions to discuss. So instead of a predefined agenda, the unconference starts with planning sessions and everyone has the chance to get their topics covered. Over the last couple of years this paradigm shift from speakers to the more engaging unconference has accelerated and most events in the coworking industry are now either unconferences or have an unconference track. The ability to shape the agenda and removing the artificial speaker boundary ensures that everyone gets the most out of the event.

(Here’s further reading about how your first unconference experience might be: My first unconference experience)

Decisions are made by those at the table


The first CUBB was in 2016

In Bansko the first CUBB, the Coworking Unconference Bansko Bulgaria, was held two years ago and it was really interesting to discuss common challenges and opportunities with coworking space managers and founders from the region. And with tickets for just €75 including food and accommodation it is also much more affordable compared to going to the big coworking events. Combined with cheap flights to Sofia and/or rideshares with other participants this is the best ROI for your conference budget.

Unconference session in action 


What to expect when you join this year?

  1. Meet other space operators from the Balkans region. The environment we operate in is very different from London or New York, so it is great to connect with others that operate in our environment.
  2. Exchange ideas and share best practices. Take some of the best ideas from other coworking spaces and test them in your community. See what works for others and share what works for you.
  3. Discover different perspectives when you talk about your successes and challenges. Use the event as your personal mastermind group.
  4. A real technology demo session to be able to understand what different coworking software solutions offer, how they compare and which ones fit your specific requirements
  5. New connections to coworking veterans and starters that can grow into something amazing in the future.
  6. Enjoy the beautiful village of Bansko in the Pirin mountains during the social activities and the tasty Bulgarian meals. There is even time to soak in the hot springs.

This high-energy environment, combined with interesting people and the magical atmosphere of Bansko ensures a great experience.
You can find more information, and signup directly at the CUBB’s own website

Hiking in Bansko

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Here’s also a little video of Matthias talking about Coworking Bansko:

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