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Why You Should Attend Digital Nomad Retreats

January 26, 2018
Attending digital nomad retreats

Digital Nomad Retreats Help Grow Your Network

Attending digital nomad retreats is valuable in multiple ways. It is a great opportunity to grow your network in a low-threshold way. You will get in touch with people from different backgrounds, with a similar digital nomad lifestyle as yours, and at the same time you can enjoy some beautiful surroundings. What else would you like to know about the benefits of a digital nomad retreat? We will give you all the beautiful insights and benefits down here!

Expanding your network at digital nomad retreats

Have you thought about all the new contacts you can make during a digital nomad retreat? Networking is key if you want to grow your business or if you are looking for new opportunities abroad. Your vision will grow like never before when you get in touch with like-minded and/or experienced entrepreneurs.

Learn from people in different niches

Your knowledge is good. But it can never be perfect. Be open to learning from people in different niches. Grow together. You never know what might come up during your chats. And would you like to do everything yourself? I am sure you want to outsource jobs to people from your own network in the future.

Work on your dreams

You have those dreams and thoughts about ‘what if..?’ Your ‘what if’ is never working out if you stay in your comfort zone. Digital nomad retreats are the perfect time to work on your dreams. This is the time to set your new intentions, make plans and take action. The greatest part of this is that you can ask the community for feedback. Show up. Fail and Grow. This is how it works. Nobody is perfect. Start when you don’t feel ready yet!

Distance from your comfort zone

When nobody in your comfort zone understands what you are doing, it’s time to fly away to a new destination. Time to surround yourself with like-minded people and focus on your gut feeling. Distance from your comfort zone can bring you very fresh and clear views on the process of your business. Whether it’s work and travel, or a travel and settle somewhere, getting out of your comfort zone will help you get closer to your dreams. It’s not easy, but it will be worth it. 

Adventurous activities

Look for adventurous or relaxed activities. Think about climbing, surfing, yoga or camping in nature. You can go to Asia, Africa or Europe. Fly out and have some beautiful and adventurous experiences. The experience will change your entire mindset!

This article was contributed by Joyce Mol. She is the founder of Mind Events Factory. Mind Events Factory is an experienced event and retreat development business. They create their own retreats and they also promote events and retreats of worldwide inspiring entrepreneurs on the event page. Their events focus on personal development, business and travel.


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