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How To Benefit Most From Coworking

April 20, 2018

Working from a coworking space may boost your career

Whether it’s because you’re more productive when you’re not distracted by household chores, or because you’re surrounded by inspiring people, for many people it’s favorable over working from home. But besides spending a good amount of hours there on a daily basis, are there more ways in which you can benefit from coworking spaces? I definitely believe so!

When I just started working from coworking spaces, it was only occasionally during my travels. I would go in in the morning, have maybe a chat with some of the regular members during lunch, and leave in the afternoon to explore the city. Sure, I got my work done, my clients stayed happy during my travels, and I met some very interesting people. However, it was only after I really started looking for more opportunities, that I found so many ways to benefit even more from being at coworking spaces. I’ll share my favorites here. 

Attend the events & activities

Of course, this is very obvious, but I’ve seen so many regular coworkers who skip the events that are taking place within their communities. If that’s you, know that you’re missing out! Whether it’s professional presentations, brainstorm breakfast sessions, or informal get-togethers like after-work drinks and shared lunches, all these activities can be so valuable! Not only does it give you the opportunity to learn new things or get a different perspective on your challenges, but these are the times where it’s easy to speak with other members and to get to know each other beyond main job titles. When someone is aware of your passions, they may bring you some great leads to get excited about! Something that may not have happened if all they know is that you’re a freelance writer. So get involved!

Host workshops

Attending events is a great step forward, but even better is to be pro-active! Every coworking space is looking for interesting events for their community as well as to attract outsiders. When you can give a workshop about something interesting in your field that’s applicable to what other members work on, most coworking spaces would welcome your ideas with open arms. Good for them, and good for you, as it’s a way to show your expertise and to get in contact with new potential clients. For example, I gave a workshop about social media advertising at Impact Hub Budapest, which was very well received both by their members and by outside visitors who got to know the space that way as well. 

Offer a guest article 

Most coworking spaces have a blog on their website, and often a newsletter as well. But community managers are busy, and thinking of new content on a weekly basis with the pressure of deadlines can be tricky sometimes. So help them and yourself by offering to write a guest blog and/or newsletter contribution. Especially in the bigger coworking spaces where not all members know each other very well, it’s a great way to get your expertise and services in front of the community. Last month when I was featured in OneCowork‘s newsletter, the same day I had a member reaching out to me because he was interested in my services. So it definitely pays off!

Benefit from collective discounts

Not everyone is always aware of it, but many coworking spaces offer collective discounts at other stores and businesses. They range from lower prices for gym memberships and local lunch spots, to discounts on office supplies and online courses. Sometimes other members discount their services for fellow members in their coworking space. Talk to your community manager to see how you can save some money as well. 

Mingle with other spaces

Whether you’re a full-time member somewhere or not, it doesn’t hurt to mingle with other coworking space communities. Attend presentations held at other spaces, offer your workshop at the other side of town (or even another city!) and broaden your network beyond the members of your own space. The more people there are who know about your services and expertise, the more leads and referrals you can get. So download the Cowork7/24 app and find the most interesting coworking spaces near you!


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