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7 Best Advices for Location Independents

October 7, 2018
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What Successful Location Independents are Advising You

We have been running the location independent stories for a while now. Every location independent we’ve talked to keep inspiring us. So we’ve decided to put this into writing for those who like to “read” rather than “watch”. Here’s the top advices for location independents. 

#1 “Be very focused on your own goals”

Location independents, or those want to be one, should be very focused on their goals. Should go to coworking spaces because these spaces are the best way to mix and mingle, to get to know the local culture. Also try to collaborate with them, and to know the place they are at the moment” says Andrea Garcia, who is a coworking consultant, currently managing Talent Garden in Barcelona. Andrea helps people how to develop and create a successful coworking place or tech hubs and grow communities. She would like to help a lot of people to make the perfect environment for them to grow a community and to collaborate.


#2 “Help others to do the same, push this movement forward”

Emily Moyer is the head of Brand and Content for Remote Year, the successful start-up that that creates work and travel programs for remote professionals.

Emily suggests that those who are already location independent must help others to do the same, and push this movement forward. For those who haven’t gotten remote yet or in the sort of thinking about whether or not should take the job and make the leap onto location independence, she says “don’t let anything hold you back. Just go for it, I don’t think I’ve met anyone who regrets being location independent”. She aspires to continue to help grow Remote Year, and keep changing people’s lives. She is excited to continue to help push the movement forward and she’d like to bring more people into their incredible community.

Here’s a past blog post where we had covered Remote Year in more depth.


#3 “Be yourself, be authentic, always stick to your values

Lisa Weinsberger is  a UX designer. She comes from a background of fashion design and architecture. Her study gradually evolved into innovation and tech, and she started UX design a couple of years ago. Now she does design thinking workshops.

Lisa has been very clear with her advices for location independents: “Be yourself, be authentic, always stick to your values, know your values, be able and willing to say “No” to projects and clients don’t align with your values. Always remember you can always say no and stay resilient because every time you say no, ten more doors open up, it’s really like that. There are so many possibilities out there and it gets better every day. I can tell my last year was simply amazing. So, just stick with it”

Lisa aspires to become independent from income and her clients by building a passive income stream as well as running great design thinking workshops all over the world. She’d like to have the possibility to work and travel and consciously say “Yes!” to the projects she chooses and wants to do, also be able to turn down projects and combine work and travel in a nice way that allows her to get a lot of sun and a lot of great work done.  



#4 “take everything that you do and put your hundred percent into it

Riku Penttinen is the founder of Nomad Life Style, a brand-new start-up that aims to guide others achieve the freedom of working from anywhere in the world by organizing travel experiences for nomad-to-bes and provide business and life-coaching programs for them. His advice is to “Be yourself, travel, enjoy it, take everything that you do and put your hundred percent into it and you’ll have amazing time while doing it and enjoy life”. His aspiration is to have a good balance in both life and work. And being independent of having to work in an office. “I think everybody has done enough of that” says Riku. He sees success for himself is to spend time with his family and also to build his own business at the same time.


#5 “Get out there, go and travel more, go and experience the world

Simon Lewis is a Travel & Tourism industry professional, a Digital Marketer, an Entrepreneur, and founder of Coworking Days and Coworking Safari. Just so many things on his plate, and his advices for locations independents are simple : “get out there, go and travel more, go and experience the world”. He has an aspiration to run 12 awesome Coworking Safaris in the next 1 year. 


#6 “Don’t do what I did

Mike LaRosa has been very candid and sincere, as he always is. He calls himself “Coworkaholic“. He is a well-known Coworking Expert, and an International Speaker at various Coworking Events. In Coworkaholic, he blogs all about the coworking life style where they advocate how you can work wherever, whenever, however and together.

He advises not to do what he did. “Don’t quit your job without a gameplan. Embrace the adventure, look forward to the challenges that will come naturally, but have a plan in place. Don’t just get up and quit your job, make sure you’ve got kind of a plan before you pull the trigger.

He has an aspiration to reach the 1.000.000 miles flown in the next 1 year. He is almost there! right about 675.000. 


#7 “Be aware of the communities you are in”

Julianne Becker is the cofounder and CEO of Coconat, which is a place for digital workers to be inspired, concentrate, work, and play in the countryside outside of Berlin.

She advises to be aware of the communities you are in. “Do not only be in a consumer mode but also in an experience mode. Give back to the communities which you are in”

In one year’s time, she hopes to have two more projects going in rural areas outside of other large cities in Europe.



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