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Benefits Of Working Remotely: Worldwide Worker

March 23, 2018

The Benefits Of Working Remotely: the Worldwide Worker

Working remotely is great for one main reason: you may  travel the world.

Ask most people how they’d like to live their best life, and you can guarantee one or more answers will involve travel in some form.

So how can you incorporate more travel into your digital nomad life, and ultimately reap the benefits of being a ‘digital nomad’, or worldwide remote worker?

Well, first of all, make a list of where you’d like to travel. You might already have a bucket list, or just a general idea of some places you might like to travel. But it’s time to do your research! Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the city have coworking spaces?
  • How easy is it to travel around?
  • Are there adequate opportunities for connecting with other nomads?
  • Can you pick up your regular hobbies there?
  • What’s the weather like?
  • Are there any local festivities and celebrations happening at the time of travel?
  • What kinds of day trips could you do from the city?



Because coworking spaces are a relatively new trend, you might find lots just about to open in your chosen destination. Therefore it’s always best to do your research on social media too. When you work remotely, a great benefit is to have an office in several different countries! In fact, Cowork 7/24 are soon introducing a pass which will be valid across several different coworking spaces, allowing you to benefit from lots of coworking spaces around the world! Isn’t it great that Everywhere’s your Office?



When you’re location independent, the possibilities for travel are endless! You could get a super-cheap flight from the UK to Gran Canaria (prices from just 20 EUR), where you’ll find the nomad hotspot of Las Palmas, or a cheap train ride in Lisbon where you can chill on the beach of Estoril, for under 5 EUR.  Book your travel in plenty of time, and if you don’t mind travelling at an off-peak time, you’ll usually be able to get a great deal. There is many cities where digital nomads just love. These digital nomadic cities, like Chiang Mai, Bali, Bansko or Budapest will also just make it super easy for you to connect with like-minded, or like-lifestyle people.



The world has shrunk in size over the last fifty years; it’s now easier than ever to connect with people all over the world. One of the most amazing benefit as  a remotely working professional is to meet with people from different countries and cultures and find out new information. It’s a great way to find out global trends: What’s the cryptocurrency scene like in Japan? How many vegan restaurants are in Berlin? Do they have coworking spots in Italy? When you meet others who share the same values and passion for life as you do, it’s a truly enlightening and fulfilling experience.



Want to do yoga on the beach near Lisbon? Fancy a hike in Nepal? Or fancy surfing in Cornwall? Whatever your hobby, the great thing about working remotely is that you can design your work life around your hobbies! Perhaps there’s a really cool cooking course in Bali you’d like to try, or a weekend meditation course in Spain. Whatever your tastes, you can usually find something that takes your fancy, by browsing online meetups or looking at social media events.



The weather has to truly be one of the best benefits of working remotely. When you work remotely, you can chase the sun, wherever it is! Fancy some sun in January? Try the Canary Islands. Or perhaps you want to experience a White Christmas? Try Poland in December. You can literally take your pick of climates, as long as you are working in a timezone that suits your line of work, or are just ready to stay awake until 4 am to take a call from a client in US!


Local festivities

Whether it’s the colourful street decorations of Nyepi in Ubud during March, the lively Carnaval in Las Palmas in February, or the tomato-throwing food fight festival in Spain in August – there’s lots of events that you’re never going to catch anywhere else. Attending cultural and traditional festivities is a beautiful way to see how locals all over the world celebrate certain values, and by participating in them you’ll get a true slice of life as a resident.


Day Trips

Fancy a day trip to Phi Phi? A nice long stroll around the Gaudi architecture in Barcelona? A coffee and a croissant to people-watch in Paris? Whatever your touristic pastimes are, you can indulge them fully when you’re a remote worker. Since you’ll usually have weekends off, you can use the time to go exploring and get to know a country or a city in more depth. When you work remotely, worldwide, your weekends don’t have to be spent doing the same thing. You can enjoy the variety of activities a given place has to offer. What’s more, when you work in a city for a longer period, you’re more likely to get insider tips about where to go and when.

Ultimately, working location-independent, be it a digital nomad, or just working remotely certainly takes guts, and it’s not for the fainthearted. You need to be flexible, adaptable, healthy and confident to start over in a new country or city. You must build new personal skills and capabilities to stay competitive in this new world.

But for those who dare to dream and who take the leap, life can be full of beautiful surprises and exciting adventures.

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  • Reply Ahlem March 23, 2018 at 10:42 am

    Thanks for this article! I have to say that I concur with all your points and what I like best is the freedom in terms of time management, it’s the feeling that I took back control on how I spend my time – I love that I can go on spontaneous trips, that I can go visit my family, that I can run my errands without having to ask for “time off”.
    That has to be the biggest benefit for me!

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