The Joy of Being Location Independent
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Column: The Joy of Being Location Independent

July 31, 2017
going location independent

In January 2016, I decided for myself that I wanted all my work to be online. I like spontaneous getaways and last-minute trips, and I needed my work to fit that lifestyle. That meant, I should go location independent. So that’s what I started working on. Now, 1,5 year later, I’m definitely enjoying all the benefits to the fullest. Especially this week.

3 days ago, I was being interviewed by Mitchell Weijerman, a fellow digital nomad. We met through the student group of an online course we both followed. After the interview, we kept on chatting for a bit and he told me how he had just arrived in Barcelona – my all-time favourite city. I knew that coincidentally, the creator of said course was also on his way to Barcelona, as well as some other people I knew via that same student group. Barcelona was becoming a choice for location independent people, and that is not surprising.

I got jealous, thinking to myself ‘Oh man, I wish I could be there!’ Then the next thought was ‘Well, you can be there, so why aren’t you?’ Five minutes later, my flight for Sunday was booked.

By now it’s Monday and I’m typing this with an amazing view over the city, the Sagrada Familia on my left and the sea on my far right. Later today, I’ll be visiting ‘A Landing Pad’, the coworking and coliving space by Coworkation. And tomorrow, I’ll go to OneCoWork where I’ll have my morning coffee with a view on the Marina, the harbour. And the day after, I’ll be flying back, only to leave again 1,5 day later to our Cowork7x24 team meetup in Budapest.

Nope, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a 9-5…


p.s. if you are looking to become a location independent professional, but are not sure how to get your first client to get started, this article may be of interest to you

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The Joy of Being Location Independent