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Meet The Team: Anita Fuzi

March 5, 2018
Anita Fuzi

Meet The Team: Anita Fuzi

It’s becoming a Monday tradition: an introduction to one of Cowork7x24’s team members! This week we’re turning to someone who’s been excited about coworking since she was still in university and did her PhD in coworking spaces. Welcome, Anita Fuzi!

Anita was born and raised in Hungary but has travelled a lot and lived in various places. In fact, just last month she moved her home base to Luxembourg. She joined the Cowork7x24 team in the summer of 2017. ‘I first met the team in Budapest in August 2017 at ImpactHub Budapest where I was a volunteer community host,’ she explains. ‘I hosted Thalassa’s workshop and accidentally bumped into the rest of the team when they were about to leave the space after a busy day. At that point, they did not know who I am and how much I am into coworking.’

‘While clearing up the coworking space after the event,’ she continues, ‘I chatted with some of the ImpactHub guys and they mentioned that next day the Cowork7x24 guys will host a social event. I was hesitating whether I should go, especially after such a long day at my day job, but decided to go without knowing how much this decision will change my life. So I went to their so-called ‘Coworking drinks’ event. After talking to nearly everyone from the team, it quickly became obvious that I would love to join this talented bunch of people who are as passionate about coworking communities as I am. Luckily, they were on the same opinion, so after a couple of talks with Serkan to figure out how I can contribute to Cowork7x24, I landed in my dream job as a Strategic Adviser.’ 

She is now responsible for carrying out research and analysis and assessing options and scenarios for strategic choices. She clarifies, ‘I provide advice on company goals and future direction and help identify market opportunities by translating research results into tangible proposals.’

In her free time, she likes to be with friends and family. So recharges herself with working out and vegan cooking, and recently she started doing some artwork again, which she hasn’t done since she was a teenager. Just like Tibet, she also has a background in music. ‘I played the violin for 12 years and have been playing the drums for about 20 years. I still get invited back by the orchestra I used to play drums in my hometown, but because I am mostly away when they have all the practice for concerts, they are always comfortable with me showing up on the day (or the day before) of the concert. They keep telling me, “Come on, you have all in your head and hands, we trust you, we are so pleased you play with us again!” ‘ 

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