Meet the Team: Hasan Güngör | Cowork7/24
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Meet the Team: Hasan Güngör

February 26, 2018
Hasan Gungor

If you’re a loyal reader of the Cowork7x24 blog, you’ve seen it already: every week, we introduce one of our team members to our community, so that we don’t only get to know you, but you also get to know us! After Tibet and Madison the past two weeks, it’s now time for one of our newest team members: Hasan! 

Hasan Güngör was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, where he studied software engineering. After various internships and working as a software developer, he joined the Cowork7x24 team in December 2017. ‘My friend Emre Alp and I worked together at a previous job,’ Hasan tells. ‘When he considered joining the Cowork7x24 team, he asked if he could bring me along because we work so well together.’ After careful consideration and talking to both men, CEO Serkan acknowledged the benefits of bringing in a 2-person team that was already in sync with each other. ‘My job now is to develop and maintain the iOS app of Cowork7x24,’ Hasan says. 

He really is passionate about development and tech. ‘When I’m not working, I enjoy following YouTube channels and blogs about tech. Some of my favourites include Ars Technica, Iphoneda, and The Verge, and there are various Turkish channels I follow. I also like to play video games. Other than that, I have a guitar! I try to learn how to play it and practise in my free time.’ 

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Meet the Team: Hasan Güngör | Cowork7/24