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Meet the Team: Madison Hanna

February 19, 2018

Meet the Team: Madison Hanna

Here at Cowork7x24, we’d like to get to know you, but we’d also like for you to get to know us! That’s why every week, we introduce one of our team members. This week it’s Madison’s turn! 

Madison Hanna – Maddie for the people around her – was born and raised in Chicago, United States, but moved to San Francisco, which she now considers her home base. Her home base indeed, but she’s not often there. She recently celebrated her one-year location independence anniversary and has been travelling all over the world. She is currently in Malaysia, after attending CU Asia

Her job with Cowork7x24 was her first big remote project as a digital nomad. She tells us: ‘In 2017, I quit my corporate gig, and I took a leap of faith into the digital nomadic world. While housesitting in Chiang Mai, I was perusing CouchSurfing to meet locals and fellow travelers. The Cowork7x24 founder, Serkan, was in town for the CU Asia conference. After a quick message exchange, we met up for a cup of coffee and two hours later I had a job offer. I’ve been working with the team remotely ever since.’

She is now Cowork7x24’s PR Manager. ‘I handle nearly all traditional communications on a media and event coordination front,’ she explains. ‘I work closely with the marketing team as well as the product development crew to ensure we’re telling a consistent, compelling, and unique story that resonates with people.’ 

When she’s not working for one of her clients, she loves to be outdoors. ‘I’m my best self when I’m outside fueled by sun rays. I enjoy hiking, camping, scuba diving, rock climbing, swimming, SUPing – you name it. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see what I’m talking about. In 2018, I’m going to take to the waves and (attempt) to surf. Wish me luck.’ 

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Meet the Team: Madison Hanna | Cowork7/24 Blog