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Meet The Team: Thalassa van Beek

March 26, 2018
Thalassa van Beek

Over the past weeks, I’ve introduced most of my fellow Cowork7/24 team members. After all, coworking is about people, and so it only makes sense that you get to know the persons behind this brand. And now it’s my turn. Hi! 🙂

So my name is Thalassa van Beek. I was born and raised in The Hague, The Netherlands, and studied in Groningen and Maastricht. After a short period of office jobs, I started freelancing as a social media and content marketer in January 2016. It was later that year that I met our CEO, Serkan, at Coworking Europe in Brussels. Back then, I was working on a digital magazine for location independent professionals. It was a hobby project, but Serkan was impressed, and he stayed in contact. A couple of weeks and some online chats later, I started as the community & magazine (and now blog) manager of the team. I’m currently responsible for all social media channels, including our Facebook group. I write the newsletters that you receive every other week, and I manage and write for our blog.  

Thalassa van Beek in CoworkingBansko

In October 2017 I moved my home-base to Barcelona, Spain. After trying a few places to work from, I recently got a membership at OneCowork. However, from here I travel often and when I do, love to use coworking and coliving spaces! 

When I’m not working or on my way to a new destination, I like to go horse riding. And, what most people can’t imagine when they first meet me: I’m very passionate about motorbikes! I love riding them as well as watching the races. In addition to all that, I’m also very excited about helping other aspiring freelancers to get their remote career off the ground.

Thalassa Van Beek

If you have any questions or just like to say hi, don’t hesitate to contact me via email or inside the Cowork7/24 group!

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Meet The Team: Thalassa van Beek | Cowork7/24