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Going Freelancer: The Right Time Is Now

January 5, 2018

Going Freelancer: The Right Time Is Now

‘I can’t do it now, the timing is totally wrong!’ How many times I have heard – and thought! – that one sentence. It never seems to be the right moment to take bold actions. This is definitely true when it comes to giving up your full-time job to start freelancing, when you want to move abroad, when you want to let go of a client who drives you insane. It’s simply easier to complain but stay right where you are nonetheless, than to dive into the unknown. Changes are dangerous and that’s why, by nature, we tend not to like them.

Is This It?

One way to make yourself more comfortable with considering the alternatives, is by imaging what life would be if it would stay like this for the next 30-40 years or so. ‘No, the office job isn’t that bad, I can stick around a little while longer…’ But imagine having to go there each and every day for the next 40 years. Yes, your apartment is just fine, but do you really want to stay in that boring city where never anything happens and it’s always raining? Of course you can deal with that annoying, time-consuming and soul-crushing client through one more sale, but what if you have to do that for as long as you’ll work? Maybe you should indeed reconsider the alternatives, because the time will never seem right.

Make A Plan

No, of course you’re not actually going to make the move, but just write down your hypothetical plan. What would be the minimum you would need? Break down all the needs (both financial and action points) into small chunks. Which exact stept would you need to take? How much money would each step require? If you don’t know how to write it down, then use the worksheet of the Dreamline from ‘The 4 Hour Workweek’.

The other way around might be necessary, too. How much money would you need in order to move to New York? Now where are you going to get that money from? Maybe you can find a few extra clients. Maybe you can do some small, extra job from home. Have a look at Upwork to have an idea of which projects would match your skills. Just remember, there are always other options to get somewhere. And all of a sudden, that hypothetical plan is not so hypothetical anymore…

Have Faith In Yourself

The main, underlying reason why we choose not to do something, if often because we don’t have any trust in our own skills and knowledge. It’s such a shame, and so unnecessary! Think about someone who is an example to you, someone who took the risk and just did it. Believe me, he or she does not possess any superhuman powers, other than just having guts. So why wouldn’t you be able to do it? If he can do it, you can do it.

The Time Is Definitely Now

The time never seems to be right, neither when you want to have a baby. However, for some reason ‘we really want one, so we will just make it work’ is totally acceptable for most people. And that’s it. If you truly want something, thought it through and know which steps to take, you will just make it work.

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