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7 Great Suggestions for Location Independents

November 25, 2018

We have been running the location independent stories for a while now, and they are getting a lot of good feedback and engagement through social media. Here’s another 7 great suggestions for location independents become succesful. 

#1 “become an entrepreneur, start your own venture!”

Alex van den Elsen helps entrepreneurs “to sell more and to sell from the heart”. He’s a marketeer and and a creator, and is actually at the moment building a new business as well. He suggests every location-independent to become an entrepreneur. “because that’s a great way to live a fulfilled life and help other people. You can make a living at the same time, nowadays that’s so easy to do that from any country you’d like to work from. So, I could advise anybody to start your own venture, start a new business to have your location independent life“.


#2 “connect with coworking spaces”

Lilli Crovara is a freelancer journalist and a copy-writer. She has recently moved to Australia to do her PhD.

She advises to connect with the coworking spaces wherever you go. “…not only for networking with people, but also to connect with the local communities and take part in social responsibility projects


#3 “never run from your emotions! face it head on”

Peter Mezey runs an improvisation theater. He goes around coworking spaces and teaches people improvisation and how that relates to independent life-style. 

As a location-independent, it’s so easy to hide from your problems, to keep moving and to never embed yourself in a community that would force you the problems of your life. So if you ever run into a part where you have emotional discomfort, sit down, breath and face it head on!. Your future self will thank you for that” advises Peter.



#4 “go to a place that is low-cost”

Joe is a lawyer based in New York City, and has been traveling the world for around 5.5 years now. His advice is to go start from a low-cost place that is also beautiful. That will help you manage the cash-flow in the beginning of your location-independent life while you are detecting your passion and pursue it. 


#5 “embrace the freedom”

Ariel Upton is the manager of Content Strategy at Remote Year. She advises that we all embrace our freedom we’re lucky to have. “…do everything you can to spread a good message to people who are new to the community and give a really good face about the potential, what we can do. So, more and more people can join us in this movement”   


#6 “follow your heart”

Matthias Zeitler is the co-founder of Coworking Bansko. “Location-independence is about freedom and happiness” he says, and suggests to “follow your heart. Think about what you really want to do in life, and just do it


#7 “keep growing”

Nicky Hart is currently transitioning into location-independent life-style. Her advice is to keep growing, and keep building the new skills you will need in your location-independent life to become successful.


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Suggestions for Location Independents | Cowork7/24 Blog