Bratislava Coworking Spaces

Being a home of strong talent fueled by the local engineering and technology schools in Bratislava has been a center of attraction for major tech companies, and is now standing up with its start-ups, which tend to be internationally focused from Day 1 given the tiny size of local market. And with no surprise, coworking spaces are a major enabler of this ecosystem.


0100 campus logo0100 Campus      |   cozy – freelancers – startups

“Once you get inside, you are greeted by a good mix of refreshing green and white colors and a big space with a cafe and chill-out area on side and a large open-air terrace on the other side with desks, private offices and meeting rooms in the middle. They have an international community of start-ups entrepreneurs and students.”

Atelier Coworking LogoAteliér Coworking    |   small – cozy – university

“It’s small, with 8-10 desks, a meeting room and a cool chill-out area. They are focused on their community of positively-thinking people who would enjoy working together vs the daily and occasional coworkers. I found it quite cosy, especially their retro chill-out area, and the kitchen wall covered with pictures of the geniuses! They are offering only monthly and longer memberships.”

Connect Coworking Space LogoConnect Coworking       |   startups – freelancers – networking

“They are founded in 2011, which I think makes them the oldest in town! Whether you are a freelancer, a small business, a digital nomad or a start-up, or willing to run a big event, or just need a desk occasionally, Connect probably has something for you with their various options of spaces and memberships. “

Progress Bar Hacker Space LogoProgressbar    |   hackerspace – startups – blockchain

“This coworking space is one very big room with high ceilings, still with well located areas for a meeting room, chill-out area with retro couches and desks.”

Coworking Cvernovka LogoCoworking Cvernovka    |   child friendly – freelancers – startups

“They are offering a variety of options of fixed and flexible desks, coworking area, meeting rooms, a children’s playground for coworking mums, an event space for 80 people and a bistro.”

Dvojbodka Cowork LogoDvojbodka Cowork     |   small – focus – cozy

“They are centrally located and very small, however is a perfect fit for those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful environment, and are willing to work in a family-like environment of inspirational and independent professionals. They are offering a fully-equipped kitchen and a small meeting room, on top of the 12 desks they have. Having been founded in 2013, they are one of the first coworking spaces in Bratislava.”

Satori Stage Bratislava LogoSatori Stage     |   artistic – freelancers – cafe

“They offer coworking desks on top of their main business of event space and cafe.As you enter, their beautiful cafe greets you warmly.  Their coworking space is actually one mid-size room for 6-8 people, however the opportunity to use the cafe or event area makes it quite attractive.”

Rubixlab Bratislava LogoRubixLab     |   big – colorful – startups

“A very colorful coworking space, that doubles as an Incubator in the north of downtown, on Jegeho 2. It’s located in a historical building with high-ceilings, and the large area coworking area gives you a good feeling of openness. They are offering a variety of membership options for private offices, fixed and flexible desks as well as a networking-only membership which gives free or discounted access to Rubixlab’s events.”

Hub Bratislava LogoHub Bratislava      |   big – SMB – corporate

This is one of the bigger coworking spaces in town, with a bigger focus on private offices, as well as offering virtual offices and a relatively small coworking area, shared offices and meeting rooms of different sizes.

Impact Hub Bratislava LogoImpact Hub Bratislava       |   social – startup – freelancer

“It is just in the old town, overlooking a nice square and park. As in any coworking space in the Impact Hub network, they are offering a complete coworking experience with well-designed flexible and fixed desk areas, and a large area for chill-out, networking and team collaboration.”

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