Our Story

Cowork7x24 is a 360-degree tool that enables coworkers to find a place they’ll love working at via an app, while empowering coworking spaces to grow through a streamlined and efficient management console.

Cowork7x24 encourages freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and location-independent workers to thrive more freely and more often in eastern European countries (for now). Cowork7x24 also provides coworking space owners a revolutionary way to run their business by offering user-friendly and advanced booking, inventory, staffing, and community building tools.

After leading an location-independent lifestyle for the last eight years of his corporate career, Founder & CEO Serkan Kurtulus, fell in love with coworking culture. He loved that each space had its own identity, community, and unique environment. While each space was special, they all had something in common – a vibrant, diverse, and inspiring culture. Motivated by this new way of working, he converted to a full-time coworking advocate and launched Cowork7x24 in March 2017.

Our mission:

To simplify the lives of coworkers and coworking spaces.

Meet The Crew

Talented, creative, working remote from 6 different countries (Turkey, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, USA).

Serkan Kurtulus

Co-founder & CEO

(Dream Setter)

Halil Demirdag

Non-executive Co-founder

(Sun harvester)

Tibet Agirtan

Product Manager

(Rock Star)

Madison Hanna

Expert Storyteller

(Media Maven)

Mehmet Emin Ciddi

UX Strategist

Vanda Gherman

Business Catalyst

(Creator of Opportunities)

Thalassa Van Beek

Community Connector

(Blog Captain)

Caglar Ekim

Growth Marketer

Anita Fuzi

Dr. of Coworking

(Research and Strategy)

Altan Bilâl

Project Manager

(Full-stack developer)

Emre Alp

Android Developer

Hasan Gungor

iOS Developer

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