The Coworking Pass,
Countless Office Options

Work from a handful of unique coworking spaces or flexible offices, free with your Coworking Pass.

Your city is your coworking space.

The Coworking Pass,
when you travel and work

Work from a handful of unique coworking spaces or flexible offices, free with your Coworking Pass.
Tailored just for you.

Your world is your coworking space..

The Coworking Pass,
For those always on the road

Work from 100s of unique coworking spaces, flexible offices.
Or access meeting rooms.

Everywhere's your office

Digital Nomad Coworking Pass

You’ve aspired to travel the world without giving up on your profession and career. You want the flexibility to work from various locations while maintaining a healthy budget, and staying connected in a professional network. With our Digital Nomad Pass, that gives you access to coworking spaces in 30 digital nomad destinations, you are in good company

City Coworking Pass

It’s not about not being able to commit (to one coworking space). Some people just need the flexibility to hop from one coworking space to another in a way that is affordable. Be it for meeting clients, or building your network, or for getting a little working break in-between two meetings. The City Coworking Passes just give you that.

Business Coworking Pass

For those always on the go, and are looking for a bit of more professional working environment than hotel rooms, lounges or cafes.
For those who want to be sure of fast internet, great coffee, catching up with like-minded business professionals. We have you covered.

Pass Prices

Every coworking space is unique, so are the needs of YOU.
Whether you want to live out of a coworking space (pun intended) or just like to stop by at other spaces once in a while keeping your home base.
Or maybe you are just visiting a town, and like to have a professional and flexible and affordable office space temporarily.
There is always a Coworking Pass that will fit your needs.
Every Pass of ours comes with 3 options for how many hours of credit you will get.

Why the Coworking Pass?



We help the modern workforce find a place they’ll love working from.
Usually a coworking space.
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